Video Transfer & Conversion

Wiley's Productions offers video tranfer and conversion services for clients that lack the time or expertise necessary to transfer/convert their personal video(s) to an alternate format.

Video transfer involves converting VHS Tape, C-VHS Tape, 8mm Tape and/or Mini-DV tapes to DVD.

Video conversion involves a series of processes. Capturing a video source to computer, converting the video to an appropriate digital format and lastly, outputting the converted video to a media format chosen by the client.

*Sources suitable for video conversion include but are not limited to DVD, VHS Tape, C-VHS Tape, 8mm Tape, Mini-DV Tape, Cell Phones, Tablets, Digital Media cards, USB Flash Drives, etc.

Media for output includes but is not limited to DVD, Blu-Ray, Digital Media cards, USB Flash drives, Portable hard drives, Websites, Cloud/Web Storage, etc.

* We do not currently convert any type of motion film (e.g. 8mm, 16mm).

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